Advent Devotions 2020

Legend of the Lights

Posted by Alexis Bazydola on
When I was in elementary school, my mom drove me to school and church on the same road every day. One night, my mom and I were driving home, and I asked, “Why do people put Christmas lights on their houses?” She said, “To remind people of the star on the night when Jesus was born.” When I heard this, I was inspired to write a song titled “The Legend of the Lights.” I worked with a couple of songwriters to add verses and music to the story. Our church recorded a Christmas CD and this song became the title track under the new name “Let Love Shine.” Hope this story inspires you to let Jesus’s light shine through you this Christmas and all through the year.
Let Love Shine
A long time ago, a star shone so bright
Leading the way to a heavenly sight
A babe in a manger, sent down from above
To show the world how to love
The shepherds were frightened
When the angels appeared
But the angels told them please do not fear
And so they followed, the star and its holy light
On that first Christmas night.
There’s a light that shines inside me and you
Let it shine in everything we do
Let it shine, let it shine, let love shine through
Christmas is the season
When everything glows so bright
Just like the star on that long ago night
We decorate our homes, each and every year
To show that Jesus lives here.

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