Job Opening

Full- Time
Salary: 35-40K based on experience and skills
Benefits: Vacation, Sick days, personal days, and matching 401K
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Church Administrator/Information Technology (IT) Coordinator 

The Church Administrator/IT Coordinator is expected to live a lifestyle that brings honor to Christ and to the First United Methodist Church, to participate as a team player with the rest of the church staff and to abide by the personnel policies printed in the LFUMC Policies and Procedures Manual.

Purpose: The Church Administrator/IT Coordinator is responsible for all IT-related activities in the church including producing newsletters, sanctuary information screens, church signage, social media accounts, and the church website. They are responsible for all technical and technology support, maintenance, and operation. They are responsible for providing administrative support to the church staff and membership.

Reports to: Senior Pastor

Major Duties:

  1. Administrative
    1. Prepare Sunday bulletins as well as any order of worship for special services such as funerals, gravesite services, baptisms, etc. Gather information for bulletins from planning center or directly from Pastors and/or Music Director.
    2. Produce and distribute the bi-monthly newsletter.
    3. Prepare and send the Friday email.
    4. Maintain contact with local newspapers and send in articles and worship information.
    5. Maintain contact with local Chamber of Commerce to inform of any community productions or events (i.e. Vacation Bible School, Fall Festival, Cantatas, etc.).
    6. Produce fliers for special events to distribute and post on bulletin boards and place in Sunday School roster books.
    7. Perform background checks on all employees and volunteers bi-annually.
    8. Maintain memorial and columbarium records. Order columbarium faceplates as needed. (Facilities manager to take blank plates to engraver, Lebanon Monument, and pick up and install when ready.)
    9. Review and Update Policies and Procedures annually in conjunction with the church functions/committees they pertain to.
    10. Co-ordinate In-House, Bi-Annual Membership Directory.
    11. Provide light administrative support for Preschool and Parents Day Out programs.
  2. Information Technology
    1. Website Administrator
  1. Create new web pages, update navigation as requested by staff.
  2. Update current web pages as needed.
  • Post updates to the “Newsletter” section as needed.
  1. Publish Videos to website.
  2. Create and update Home Page graphics.
    1. Phone System Administrator
  1. Adjust Phone system date and time as needed.
  2. Maintain phone labels.
  • Do minor programming as needed to stations.
  1. Coordinate repairs/improvements as needed.
  2. Coordinate electronic phone call service creating and managing groups.
  3. Produce and send phone tree calls.
    1. Email Administrator
  1. Assign email addresses.
  2. Create forwarding as needed.
  • Retrieve passwords as required.
  1. Remove obsolete email addresses.
  2. Create and manage contact groups.
  3. Assist staff with email issues.
    1. Cybersecurity Administrator
  1. Liaison with the firewall administrator which is a contracted function.
  2. Maintain virus protection.
  • Maintain website and email protection.
  1. Maintain access control.
    1. Computer and Network Support
  1. Perform and verify server backups.
  2. Maintain the ACS Technologies software used for church membership and finances.
  • Scan photos for staff.
  1. Purchase computer, network, peripheral equipment, and software.
  2. Maintain Ethernet and wireless network equipment.
  3. Maintain peripheral access.
  • Troubleshoot IT issues as requested by staff
  • Reset cable modem in Family Life Center (FLC) as needed
  1. Change out backup disc weekly on Monday mornings.
  2. Communicate and schedule with technical support as needed. Act as point of contact for IT needs.
    1. Coordinate and support computer programming and functions.
    2. Produce, update, and maintain the outdoor informational screen and signage announcements at church.
    3. Coordinate and produce the Sunday morning services video production and coordinate and supervise the Sunday morning personnel who operate this during services.  This duty is performed as part of the regular weekday work hours.
    4. Maintain the church calendar and the schedule of events, (e.g., committee meetings, special events, funerals, etc.).
    5. Stay up to date on forms of IT technology, communication, marketing, etc. Research and review with staff continued ways to improve how we communicate and cost-options for doing so within our congregation (constant contact, one call now, ACS, social media, website) and to the community at large (newspaper, social media, advertising). Suggest software/hardware technology improvements.
    6. Act as staff liaison to Special Events Committee for church-wide events. Coordinate with inside and outside groups and conference for use of building and facilities. Work with staff, special committees, community organizations, vendors, members, scout troops on building projects, marketing, memorials, and special orders. Maintain/renew charters for scout troops.
    7. Provide administrative support to Children's Program for online event registration. Maintain and report event payments.
    8. Provide administrative support to Youth Program for online event registration. Maintain and track all registration info, roster, payments and forms both online and in ACS.

Shared Office Duties:

  • Greet visitors and members in the church office via phone and in person.
  • Perform daily clerical tasks as assigned.
  • Answer phones.
  • Distribute food from food pantry.
  • Sign for and distribute deliveries.
  • Receive any donations and secure in lock box until passing on to the Business Administrator.
  • Distribute mail.
  • Perform security checks by checking all doors at the end of the day to insure all doors are locked.


  • A bright and cheerful personality.
  • A general knowledge of Church office operations.
  • A technical knowledge of computers and peripherals, wired and wireless networks, cybersecurity, and necessary programs including Microsoft Office and other programs like ACS needed in the day to day business of a church office.
  • Knowledge of office equipment such as copiers, paper folders, postage meters, etc.