Advent Devotions 2022

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Trimming the Tree
Posted by Lydia Bain on

  My daughters love our family traditions and are quick to correct you if you try to change any of them. I must say I love our traditions because they are what we have built our family memories on.   Our tree trimming tradition is one of our favorites. It starts with us pulling out the...

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Tarts Afire
Posted by Dave Barry on

Editor's Note: Today we have for you a column by Dave Barry featuring three of our favorite things: science, snack foods, and laughter. Enjoy! The thing I like best about being a journalist, aside from being able to clip my toenails while working, is that sometimes, through hard work and...

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Silent Night
Posted by Ryan Bennett on

  Christmas Eve is one of the busiest days of the year for me. Oftentimes I have looked at midnight on Christmas morning as the finish line, that I have to keep going until I get through it then I can fall over in exhaustion and rest. But over the last thirteen or so years, when I...

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Stocking Stuffers
Posted by Steve Boutell on

  Stockings have always been, for the Boutells, something that we filled with gifts for one another. Heather and I started a tradition when our sons were little of going to the store with the boys and picking out fun things to wrap and put in each other’s stocking. We would divide up...

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Sweet Friendships
Posted by Cori Brantley on

  My favorite thing? How do I pick? There are too many! Hugs, time with family, my favorite food, my favorite song, my favorite Christmas tradition, hot coffee, warm blankets, laughing until my stomach hurts, sunsets, watching a seed turn into a zinnia, butterflies, chickens...

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Childlike Joy
Posted by Alyssa Bryant on

  My favorite thing is my children’s laughter. When they are playing together, being silly, jumping on the bed or making faces at each other in the back seat of the car. They both get those full belly laughs, and the little one is still between a laugh and a coo and it brings me...

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Quotes I Love
Posted by Ruth Cardwell on

  I love my families…the one I was born into, the one I helped create, my church, my community and friends. They are my favorite people. I love to read. Also one of my favorite things. So about 25 years ago, I began keeping a journal entitled “Quotes I Love.” In...

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The Advent Failure
Posted by Kaitlin Curtice on

  Editor's Note: Today's devotion (written by one of our favorite authors) goes out especially to all our friends and members who are suffering from illnesses at this time. We love you, and we are praying for you. The wicks of our Advent candles have barely burned as they should, so they...

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Granny's Legacy
Posted by Glenda Davis on

When I was growing up, my family lived with my mother’s mother, whom we called Granny. Granny was an excellent seamstress for the public, but at Christmas she put her sewing aside to make candy. She made many different kinds: pecan logs, marshmallows, fondant, fudge, caramels, gum drops...

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More Than Cookies
Posted by Rebecca Dixon on

While there is a myriad of Christmas traditions that make up my favorite things, one of my fondest is our Christmas cookies. When I was growing up, my mom and sisters would help make our Christmas cookies. These cookies would end up sitting in containers on our colossal 1970s wooden record...