Administration and Committees

 Administrative Staff

Ryan Bennett, Lead Pastor
Bucky Hesson, Minister of Discipleship
Cori Brantley, Business Manager & Adult Ministries Leader
Rebecca Dixon, Children's Director
Windell Little, Music Director
Micah Myers, Youth and Families Minister
Lucinda Sutton, Administrator of Church Operations
Pam Vandever, Administrator of Communications  & Membership

Administrative Committees

Staff-Parish Relations Committee  
Chair: Terry McDonald
2019   Pauline Satterfield, Rose Stout, Sandy Martin
2020   Betsy Pierucki, Stuart Ruis, Terry McDonald
2021   Kathy McDearman, Phillip Hodge, Chuck Daley
Clergy, Lay Leader, Chris Crowell, Lay Member to Annual Conference – Judy Lea

Chair: Brownie Vantrease
2019 Brownie Vantrease, Gene McGahen, Tom Hines
2020   Jana Knor, John Lankford, Elisa Selva,
2021   Jacob Wilson, Ensley Hagan, Beth Goodner
Lay Leader, Lay Member to Annual Conference-Jim Romano
Dell Gibson, Treasurer, Trustees Rep, Endowment Chair, SPRC Chair

Chair: Bill Moss
2019   Bill Moss, Scott Walker (vice chair), Tony Todd
2020   Forrest McDaniel, Jennie Burton, Shelley Gardner
2021   Camille Burdine, Chris Hodge, Steve Robbins

Chair: Eddie Callis
2019   Tom Hines
2020   Lynn Youngblood
2021   Mack McCluskey
2022   Kellie Deffendall

Lay Leadership  
Chair:  Ryan Bennett  
Lay Leader: Chris Crowell
2019   Lucy Lee, Leigh Ann Tribble, Tim Halbert
2020   Dianne Vantrease, Melissa Campbell, Dave Dixon
2021   Ken Davis, Joey Jane Bradshaw, Jan Snider


Church Council
Chair: Paul Stumb         
Recording Secretary: Diane Vantrease
Treasurer: Brownie Vantrease           
Lay Leader: Chris Crowell

Church Council Members
Class of 2019   John Oakley, Shannon Hodge, John Tribble
Class of 2020   Philip Craighead, Ken Hostetler, Joe Gardner, Amelia Vance
Class of 2021   Matt Ryan, Scott Diehl, Keri Gill

Lay Members to Annual Conference:  Judy Lea, Jim Romano
Alternates: Sandy Jenkins, Kay Talley
United Methodist Women: Pam Tate           
United Methodist Men President:
Former Church Council Chair: Mack McCluskey
Historian & Archives: Glenda Davis

Age Level Coordinators
Children’s Council Chair: Tiffany Ryan
Youth Council Chairs: Erin Stone, Grace Durham                                  

Administrative Group Chairs
Staff-Parish: Terry McDonald                                      
Finance: Brownie Vantrease
Trustees: Bill Moss                                                     
Endowment: Eddie Callis

Disciple-Making Team Chairs
Gather Team Chair: Shari Bazydola
Thrive Team Chair: Beth Pulley
Go Team Chair: Mandy Wilson