Shining a Light in Our Community

01.13.21 | Stories | by Lucinda S. Sutton | by Ruth Cardwell

    Lebanon FUMC member Ruth Cardwell is using her voice (not to mention her porch light) to shine a light in the darkness...and she invites us all to join her!  Here's what she submitted to the Wilson Post Letters to the Editor this week:

    During the dark days in our country culminating with the attack on the US Capitol, I have questioned what I as a senior adult can do to show support for those across our country who, through social, political, health and/or spiritual issues, feel disempowered or demoralized.  The needs are so great and I am so small.  However, I am committed to shine light on the darkness as a demonstration of my support of those in need and those working to ensure peace and unity for us all.  Beginning today my porch light will be on as a showing of that support.  May this small beacon give proof through the night of hope for this world.  Won't you join me?

    -Ruth Cardwell